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Visit elevatedspeed.com for more info, and download it directly here!

Unfortunately, link cable play had to be cut at the last minute while I wait to get the necessary hardware to test with it, but I’ll follow up with an update to include that as soon as I can.


  • High-speed, pseudo-3D 50fps gameplay
  • Full audio support with original soundtrack
  • AI
  • Large tracks

Features planned for a later release:

  • More tracks
  • More vehicle types
  • Link cable play


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Looks great, can’t wait to try it out!

I loved the 2017 “near future” touch. Fits very well on a 95 platform!

I’ve tried it on my HF32. Incredible work. Congrats !

Looks great, fantastic work!Thank you!

Today i tried it first time and was realy impressed how good it looks and also how funny it was to play.
Im verry excited for new updates with more tracks and Multiplayer mode.
Verr verry cool Game 😀

This looks amazing! Thank you so much for bringing yet another awesome game to our old friend.

Just pushed a new update today — now it supports link play! Grab it at https://www.elevatedspeed.com/

That’s awesome news!

Thanks for the update. I still like it so much, very fluid, impeccable handling. if I dared a proposal, it would be to add “skids” with the noise that goes well with it. And a map of the race. Anyway, well done!

Verry nice, will play it with a friend next time we made a gaming night 🙂
Hope this game will get more updates and will be finished any day. Also a Cartridge version would be cool.
I think you could also make a patreon campaign for it to add more excitement to finish it for yourself 🙂
The game plays realy good and with a few more maps, cpu enemies and some cups it will be a game that could also be a real VB AAA Game 🙂 and as that a must have for everyone who owns a VB.


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