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Hi everybody! A very old game popped up in my head today called “13 Ghosts” and I was wondering if anyone remembers playing it. Now before you start, this game is old… I mean old… Tandy TRS-80 old. I have gone over the entire internet with a fine tooth comb and found maybe enough info to put on the head of a pin. You had a cursor you could move around on the screen to shoot the ghosts with. The background of the screen was an old west town. First level was night second level was day which was achieved simply by making green pixels black and black pixels green. Big, tall, small, thin, fat ghosts would float up and down the screen and as you shot them and they disappeared you would progress to the right. Ever once in a while a little block head skull would look back and forth in a window then look at you, laugh and disappear. it was a fun old game and simple. Ah well hopefully my VB buds know of it or where to get. Oh yeah I tried everything Yahoo, E-bay, rom sites etc, etc… Thanks everybody 🙂


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