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So if there are emulators for flash carts that work with the gameboy advance, ie. you can run NES emulators on the Gameboy Advance, does that mean that there is hope that we could get NES emulators, and others, that work on the FlashBoy? It would be awkward because of the graphics limitations etc. but, think it could happen? :question:

EDIT: If there’s no hope in this, could we still port other games onto the Virtual Boy?

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What would be the use of playing NES ROMs on a Virtual boy? I’d rather have game ports to the VB than emulators of other systems.

I think it would just be fun. No other reason, really. πŸ˜€

A NES emulator would be cool but personally I’d much prefer a stereoscopic port of Starfox or the SNES version of Doom. That would make my year πŸ˜€

This is someone with absolutely no programing experience speaking i.e. ME but what about some sort of a graphics editor for .nes files? Yeah it would be the same old game but… Zelda, Castlevania, Tetris… Ok not Tetris for obvious reasons. I think it would be cool to play different versions of a 3D Super Mario Bros.

You could write an NES emulator for the VB, but why? It probably wouldn’t run very fast, and with the monochrome display it’d be kinda pointless. I did port a GB emulator to the VB… it worked, but was WAY too slow and unplayable. It’d definitely require some heavy optimization.

Porting games is always possible… just find the C source code, take out the system specific things and adapt it to run on the VB. It’s not particularly difficult, but very time consuming.


But where do you find the source code for proprietary games? I suppose you could decompile a game into C, but it would take forever to figure out…

Anyway, I agree with manicfoot, a port of SNES Starfox would be amazing. Although I don’t think that that any of us (well, most of us πŸ˜€ ) would be capable of porting it.

P.S. Deadly-D, if you’re looking for a tile editor/viewer for NES games (and many other formats) try Tile Molester (yes, I know it’s a funny name.) It’s written in Java, and it can handle many different graphics formats. I don’t think it supports VB though πŸ™ .

There are some games which have the C source available. Check Doom, for example. ID made the source code available. As DogP says, “just find the C source code, take out the system specific things and adapt it to run on the VB”. OF course, you need to know how to do it and it’s VERY time consuming…

Im thinking about scanline engines, voxel engine on Virtual boy, that would be awesome.

Thanks Fwirt πŸ™‚

I’m glad someone wants to see Starfox VB as much as me, Fwirt πŸ˜€ I’d really like to help in making this a reality. Could someone please give me info on what skills I need to learn to help with this?


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