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I am new to programming. Javascript is what I know best and I am learning python. I found a few options for creating game boy games but nothing for virtual boy. Is there a way to try to mess around with making a vb application in a high-level language?

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Heya! Unfortunately, you cannot expect anything near Javascript level of comfort. Check this out: https://www.virtual-boy.com/development/

The two options you have are ASM and C. The highest level to work on is VUEngine, which uses a custom programming language which is just plain C for the most parts and vaguely reminiscent of C++ for the object oriented aspects. There are plans to create something GB Studio like with VUEngine Studio, where you can create VB games through visual editors, an event system etc, but that is still at least years away.

TL;DR: You have to get your hands dirty and learn C if you want to create a (native) Virtual Boy application. 🙂


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