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I was recently asked about a higher quality scan of the Instruction Booklet for the Japanese version of Jack Bros. and figured I would post the scans here for all to be able to view.

As a fun trivia fact: The human-character, who appears on pages 2, 13, 21, and 23, is named “Meteor Masa,” and this name is literally translated into English as “Meteor Dude” (see https://megamitensei.fandom.com/wiki/Meteor_Masa). Meteor Masa (流星野郎) is modeled after the former Atlus publicity manager, Seigo Aihara (相原誠吾), who hosts a radio program of Radio Kansai.

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Hey! Thanks for this Ben, looks like I wasn’t *too* far off with some of my guesses, but it’s nice to know exactly what I’m looking at :). I’ve updated the icon a bit (see below), and I think it now more accurately portrays “Meteor Masa”.

Interestingly, some of the pages on wikipedia neglect to even mention Jack Bros…. this goes for not just the page on Meteor Masa, but also on some of the demon’s pages, like Itzanama’s (though a couple do recognise it, such as the pages for Slime and Elf, for example) – seems some updates may be in order :P.
Anyway thanks again, I’ll get back to my icons and provide some more updates for that over on my separate forum post later >:D


Just wanted to say thanks again… again 😛
Here are some more icons I was able to create due to actually being able to read the Jack Bros manual :). I’ll be updating my icon post with more information on said icons shortly after this


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