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I’ve started recapping some of my systems, both as preventative maintenance and because it’s a fun hobby project. (If you’ve never done it, try it on a cheap system with crappy caps, like a Game Gear. You’ll love the results.)

I want to try it on a Virtual Boy, but I’m a little nervous about stripping the system down so thoroughly.

My main question is about the servo board. It looks like it’s pretty firmly attached to the whole mirror assembly. Is it safe to detach the board, or is that likely to cause alignment issues later on?

And do VBs generally respond well to recapping? Does anyone have a horror story?

I’d be working with a kit from Console5, so assume my caps are all the correct values and are reasonably high quality.

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I recommend against messing with the servo board unless necessary. The wire harness is very problematic and its best to leave be until needed.

The VB caps are standard electrolytics, non-SMD, and may last decades longer. I have a CRT from 1984 that hasnt needed a recap…

The “retro recap craze” is a bit much imo, not everything needs it.


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