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Quaze has a point. Listing items that are just priced crazy doesn’t really fit the “Noteworthy Auction” thread.

So post them here!

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πŸ™‚ :thumpup:

Ok,the condition of the box is perfect with no marks,dents or anything.
But the price is crazy πŸ˜•
I think 400$ wouldt be ok???

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Yeah that price seems a tad ridiculous.

When its realy never opened new then i think also $500-600 will be ok for collectors but thag price they listed it is realy much. And that its working also when its brand new you cant say as we know the eyes can also get issues when they never used as when they used πŸ™‚ its the age that makes the flex issue. So a brand new VB is also a Luck-Box you buy a cat in a sack πŸ˜€

I have to add this Yahoo! Auctions Japan one here:


I believe this seller has been posting and re-posting this rare Virtual Boy poster for at least 4 years now, maybe even a couple more. I’m wondering if anyone else can confirm the length.

As time goes on, the price only increases; it never decreases. I think I remember seeing it when it was around 85,000円.

To be sure, it is a very rare poster. In fact, it is the only one that I have ever seen of its kind for sale, since I joined VB collecting over 9 years ago. Still, no collector seems to want to pay the price for it, so it could be on Yahoo! Auctions Japan for many years to come.

Ha, I’m sure I’ve come across that auction before. It will forever be preserved on Yahoo Auctions Japan.

A similar deceit has been posted before, but I want to post another case here.

A “brand new” allegedly complete-in-box copy of Space Invaders Virtual Collection is listed here:


Both the listing’s price for the game as well as the description in the listing would lend one to think that everything about it is genuine. Nevertheless, the pics in the auction clearly show visible folded flaps on the bottom of the box, similar to what the North American Virtual Boy games had (pics attached).

A genuine Japanese Space Invaders Virtual Collection box has no such folded flaps, as shown here:



And this is also a repro box, isn?t it? I once learned here that the japanese original boxes look on the bottom side the same as on the top side. Only the US-boxes have the ?cross folding? at the bottom. I hope I?m right here…

You are correct. The Japanese boxes do not have those folded flaps/cross folding on the bottom. Also, not just the box but the cartridge and manual are likely repros too. The seller states it is “brand new” which it clearly isn’t with it having a repro box, thus providing no reason to believe that the rest of the contents are genuine.

V-SNES wrote:
… The seller states it is “brand new” which it clearly isn’t…

Heh… well, technically it is likely very brand new, as in all contents could have been made within the last couple of months or so. πŸ˜‰

LOL yeah fair enough.

I had also been taking a look at that space invader listing and found it quite odd that they put producer: rare

It takes some time to being able to spot what is fake and what is not. But good to see the points like same on japanese boxes do have the same design on top and the bottom

The design on top and the bottom,I didn’t pay attention to that.
Short look to my Space Invaders….Original :thumpup:
PVB is fantastic..learning about the VB never stops.

Oh wow that’s actually not too far away from me.

Wonder if he’d let me come inspect, then I’ll offer him a 20 for it πŸ˜€

Lol, that’d be awesome. It’s a shame some people try to scam others

There is also this guy, “Cheapest-deals-here”. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Space-Invaders-Nintendo-Virtual-Boy-Game-Brand-New-Complete-MINT-USA/

This now shows a US Repro box for Space Invaders, but this use to be a Japanese fake, this exact same listing. I had it in my Watchlist. He changed the image and title recently, but it use to be a “bad fold” Japanese fake.

I messaged him ages ago regarding it being fake, explained why it was fake. He claimed I was full of it and threatened to try to get me banned from ebay for “harassing” him. He clearly knew what he was doing, he was selling like 5 of them so it wasn’t something he mistakenly bought, and now was mistakenly reselling. He claims in all his listing “It comes from his personal collection” which is a clear lie as well. Now the same listing shows a US repro box, so I take it he finally got in trouble and changed what he was selling. That tells me he personally is making the fakes and has the capability to switch and print something else whenever he wants.

So he knew it was fake the entire time which is no surprise, but a heads up, he’s a con artist, he knows what he’s doing, and he has no problem scamming anyone so watch out for that account. Even worse, as I said, he just changed the image and name recently, he only had 1 left, and still does. The 6 sold, were back when he had the Japanese fake. So he sold 6 “bad flap” japanese fakes and got away with it and they are now floating around out there. Oh and the price use to be around twice as much too.


Listing as a lot console, games and case but burrows deeply at bottom of listing that this isn?t an authentic case. You would only notice that the front doesn?t have the window for the sticker among other small details

Unfortunately someone has already bid on it

Used black Blockbuster game-system hard plastic travel/storage case (interior foam has been cut/modified to fit the Virtual Boy, this is not originally a Virtual Boy hard-case)

Why even use ‘Blockbuster” in the listing? He shoulda just stated it’s a custom hard case. This way it just seems like he’s trying to hide the fact it isn’t an original case

speedyink wrote:
Why even use ‘Blockbuster” in the listing? He shoulda just stated it’s a custom hard case. This way it just seems like he’s trying to hide the fact it isn’t an original case

It’s kind of odd, it looks like an authentic travel master outside of the case (Maybe not for a Virtual Boy), but custom foam on the inside

Yeah, it does look like a case that Blockbuster could have used for other consoles/systems.

Well doesn’t this dude take the cake. Blatant copy of the Uncle Tusk box with “For Display Only” slapped on the back, and some BS about being some sort of rare promo



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