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Not to be a party pooper, but I just recently discovered that NintendoAge has been abruptly shut down, the page redirected to a new website, and I’m feeling glum about it. I remember that the site was sold to another company, one which operated a comic book collector site, and so I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect for the future. With that said, I had no idea this had happened until just now, and am now looking at the reality that has set in.

That the page looks totally different is a small issue; I do admit I have a penchant for old web design, and the very “modern” style of the new page isn’t easy on the eyes to me. That said, the much, much bigger issue is that the old forums are essentially gone. They are visible to be browsed as archives, but are unable to be edited or posted in, and are essentially gone, beyond being able to read old posts. This wasn’t a fast-moving forum; Like PlanetVB, discussions happened slowly and progressed over months or years. Those discussions are gone now, frozen in time forever, a somber reminder to the end of an era. As someone who was coming back to check on some forum posts that I had engaged in over the last year, I was pretty shocked and disappointed to see this sudden and final change. I imagine the same is true of some part of the user base, as the new web page looks quite barren.

I don’t pretend to have been a power user of the site, nor do I claim to have ever been much into the collecting side of things, but I am still pretty sad to see it gone. I felt like it was a large collection of people who really cared about gaming, and even if I didn’t collect, it felt like a bunch that, when games were concerned, did it solely for passion and love of the game. I don’t know where they’ve all gone since, but tonight, I’m pouring one out for NintendoAge, a website which I personally enjoyed a lot for browsing about random Nintendo game info.

If anybody else is now a NintendoAge refugee as I am, then I’d like to hear from you, see where people have gone since the effective end of the site as we know it. If nothing else, I hope you are well and that you keep on enjoying games as we all surely have for a long time. The forums will come and go, but our enjoyment of games is a gift that stays with us no matter what. Here’s to the site and the people that made it. Thanks for posting and hope you post again soon.

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I lurked NA for quite some time, never registered a user though. I just enjoyed reading the forum. A lot of NA:ers seem to have moved on to https://www.videogamesage.com/

You should check that site out.

koifish! You should register at videogamesage.com, that’s where I set up a continuation of the “Beat Every GB Game” thread. I was hoping we wouldn’t lose anyone and I hadn’t seen you over there yet.

Navigating the site is a bit… different over there, but I assume I’ll get used to it.

koifish wrote:

If anybody else is now a NintendoAge refugee as I am, then I’d like to hear from you, see where people have gone since the effective end of the site as we know it.

The heart of NintendoAge’s userbase have mostly moved on over to http://www.videogamesage.com , and I suggest you do the same. It is the spiritual successor to the NintendoAge site. So no, I’m not sad at all to see it go, since there’s a new and improved site that has risen from its ashes. Go join VGS and we’ll see you over there!

I’m sad for the loss of the information on those boards, yes I know some functionality is there. However, I am also not saddened by the increase in stupidity it helped develop for the game collecting or game playing community. It supported many things like their graded support system whatever it was called, it helped to increase the cost of games, and became really topic, especially those who were developing and purchasing old IP Nintendo games. Again, I will miss a lot of my posts for NES translation PCB hacks.


I hardly posted on there TBH. I’m just sad us SHARP NES TV owners are kinda separated now and our log of TVs may be messed up now.

Not in the slightest. Thats where all the elitists hung out that thought they were so much better than everyone else.

Yes and no. It was bad years back but a lot of it chilled in more recent times. Despite how things were then to closer to now, and given how it was done in a very sleazy and rotten way it was sad as it wasn’t right or deserved.

Most those who cared and weren’t snobs opened up another site from the ashes and it’s a very nice and non elitist setup so far in its few months of existence. If anything, a good flushing out was handed and what was good stayed up by moving elsewhere.

I am saddened for sure. Yes it was full of elitists, but it was still a great hub for Nintendo-centric homebrew, prototype finds, and other such discussions. Videogamesage is too collecting-focused for me. I’ve yet to find another Nintendo-centric forum of equal merit. GC-Forever is great but it’s Gamecube focused only.

Assembler Games is also dead. Was much more involved with that website, since I was big into the protos. I barely went to NA.


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