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During the last month I talked allot to bigmak about all kinds of stuff. He kept me sane when I had a hard time finishing Fishbone. I know he goes through allot of stress right now to bring Faceball to the community. Thereby, I just wanted to take the time to say: Bigmak, you are a nice guy.

If someone agrees feel free to post it here as well.

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Eric is a good nice person. We had a few good conversations on the chat box.

I wish him luck with Faceball, and any other future endeavors. 🙂

Big Mac you are really a nice person.
Thanks for trying bringing us faceball.
You are sure awesome!

I definitely agree that bigmak is a very nice guy. 🙂

Agreed bigmak is one of the coolest people on PVB.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt. For many reasons not just Faceball.

Couldn’t agree more! Top man!

Bigmak is super awesome.

He is the one that walked me through the site during chat conversations. I was an eager learner about everything VB, and his knowledge was great and he would always back up his answer by showing me where I could find it on the site. It didn’t take me long to be familiar with the VB.

He is generally the one on the site at the same times as me, which is a lot. So I always have a friend to chat with.

On top of the awesomeness of having a great friend to chat with, he has helped me countless times with auctions that are US only. Being in Canada isn’t always great when buying from the US.

Five stars! 2 Thumbs! and a cheer for Bigmak

I totally agree, he is a wonderful person!

Totally agree, top fella.

I’m surprised I didn’t see this earlier. I agree, he’s a great guy; over half my Virtual Boy games are from him, bought them all in one lot.

Very nice guy who went above and beyond.

Bigmak, you are a nice guy +1

For sure

Thanks again for Faceball, it’s awesome.

Best regards


I know you don’t do what you do for recognition, but you truly deserve this thread, man. We are blessed, as a community, to count you among our number.


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