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I have been doing some work on the site, updated the look a bit and shaved off some fat in the form of features I felt were unnecessary.

For one thing, the Marketplace is gone. All content has been transferred to the re-opened marketplace forum, which will take its old spot as your place to buy, sell and trade Virtual Boy stuff. For another thing, the Guestbook has been deleted as well, its content was archived in this forum thread.

I am also considering to remove the German version of the site, as it will allow me to push out content updates in half the time.

Furthermore, the role of the Dev Wiki will have to be rethought and it’s most likely going to be replaced by a bunch of programming tutorials.

Please contact me if you find any bugs.

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That’s pretty cool. I don’t think the German version is necessary anymore. I had some problems to log in though.

I always got the famous 500 error that usually appeared over night. The rest of the site worked fine.

How will the marketplace forum work when a poster wants to indicate that the advertisement is no longer in effect? Should a seller simply make a post saying that the item is no longer available and a buyer make a post that he is no longer looking for a particular item, or can requests be made to lock the forum topic so that people will know it is no longer in effect?

That always works really well on the FamicomWorld.com forums. The OP should be able to deleter the thread if they need to as well.

Nice with a bit of changes.

If the German-speaking users are in minority then there’s perhaps not much meaning of writing everything double.

I’d appreciate not getting e-mails in doubles, one English and one German.

We’ll need to find a best practice for the new old marketplace. Unfortunately, there are no forum specific settings for topic prefixes or editing permissions. Maybe I could hack in a button that allows topic creators to close/reopen the topic?


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