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Finally!! The long awaited release of the first homebrew to crawl out into the sunlight like it was 1995 all over again!

Blox! Created by Krisse!

The price has gone up a little, but don’t worry, this will be very limited, as only 50 copies of this will sell before it is pulled from the online shelves! That’s it! So, get it while it’s hot.


These will start shipping 1 week from today.


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Just arrived in the mail – Looks great! I know what tonight’s entertainment is going to be!

Mine just arrived today. Thanks so much guys. Looks great! Can’t wait for your next release!

Good news, i can’t wait to get mine ^^

I keep looking at Blox and think how I do need it. Just need to make sure that my car gets it’s MOT without too much cost. Then I should be placing an order.

Awww, then I barely missed the shipment. I’ll wait eagerly for the next one. I assume that you will announce it here in the thread as well? :3

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Looking forward to my copy. Getting it with my copy of “space Pinball”

I’m gonna need a place to display and keep my collection soon.

My copy of BLOX just arrived today!!.Thank you very much Uncle Tusker ,I have more games that I expect( Space Pinball , Bound High , …), so I hope I’ll see FaceBall in my house soon 😉

Got mine!!

Thanx a lot ^^

Well I’ve just ordered a copy. It needed to be done.

Mine arrived today. I looks great. However, one of the corners has a minor scratch, properly happened during shipping. Maybe you can go back to using the paper-towel wrapping instead of a plastic bag next time.

Just got a copy for myself and everything seemed to go smoothly.


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