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If you recently had a look at our Games > Selfmade section, you might have noticed two new games listed as being “in development”. Those games I’m talking about are my current projects “Silent Hill: Virtual Nightmare “, a textadventure in the Silent Hill universe and a puzzle game called “Blox”. While the first mentioned title is still in the child shoes and still can’t offer more than a titlescreen, the work on Blox made good progress lately and is already playable (some lucky persons could already even get their hands on a 1-level-demo ;)). Here are two screenshots of the (already no longer) current beta version:

blox1 blox2

The game still requires a lot of work, though, and besides only one level is implemented yet, so don’t expected it to be released in the near future. I will keep you updated now and then with new facts and pictures.

But if you can’t wait for the release, you are invited to start your own project on Virtual Boy! In our brand new “Programming” section you’ll soon find all information about Virtual Boy coding you’ll need to start your own stuff. At the moment, it only contains a tutorial to set up the compiler, but a look at the source codes will already answer a lot of your questions. More tutorials will follow, so see you soon and happy coding!

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