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It’s finally done! With the help of our new member Kitaro, it was finally possible to build a good ROM of Bound High!

After all, the previous compile problems neither originated from a bug in the ISX converter, nor one in the game’s source, but a faulty code optimization routine of the VUCC compiler, which could be circumvented with a very small change to the source. Such a little thing, so much hassle!

I’d like to say thank you to everybody who was involved in this and helped to work towards this release, you guys rock!

And now, enjoy this fine release!


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WOOOO!!!! I love this game!!

It inspired me to want to purchase a Flashboy πŸ™‚


Thanks for this people! Will play it tomorrow!

Thankyou to everyone who had a hand in getting this sorted, i now have to get my flashboy back from being loaned out to play this fully.
May all your future coding compile first time, thanks again.

It would be nice to have a counter on the download. That would show how many people are actually interested in it. At least that is my take on it πŸ˜‰

I downloaded the glitched versions but have been too busy to give them a proper try. Which is fortunate actually, as now my proper go will be with a fully working version. Looking forward to it.

Many thanks to all involved.

Phantastic! Thanks a lot!

Am very curious as to what the exact nature of the fix was? Don’t want the same error popping up when working on a homebrew.

According to Kitaro it was a switch statement that… didn’t switch. πŸ˜€ It got messed up by the code optimization routine of VUCC. To fix that, he wrote an equivalent replacement which did the same, but was not affected by the code optimization.

But Arremer, you’re not going to use VUCC, but gccVB, or are you?

Amaaaaaaaazing.Thanks a lot !!

FANTASTIC!!! :thumpup:

Thanks a lot ! :thumpup:

Thanks to all involved in this! I can’t wait to play it once ViBE is updated!!

Great news!

thats great… thats SUCKS!

im one of the Collectors have an Eprom of this Game with a DEV VB Card and now each noob can play it? Thats so senceless… “oh yeah we can give out free a never released Prototype game ROM + we make more Flashboys for everyone”

thx for that…

Wow, don’t be such a douche, undead. I seriously doubt your cartridge would go down in value because of this ROM.

if you know how many i payed for the eprom then you dont say things like this… (over 1000$/€

many hardcore collector want a original Prototype of it and how you can say now its a proto or its just a copy of that ROM?

Ask some ppl later: “have you ever played Bound High?” and a answer come like “yeah i have the ROM for it”

what would you say if you payed that kind of money for a rar item and the rest of the world can get it free?

Until Kitaro’s fixed, 100% working version of Bound High was publicly released, a buggy version was being sold. In at least one case, it appears the buggy version was sold on a home-made eprom cart: http://www.planetvb.com/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?post_id=7348#forumpost7348

Have you checked to make sure what you bought isn’t the buggy version of Bound High?

I am sorry that someone ripped you off, Undead. You’re not the only one, others lost even more of their hard-earned cash on fake EEPROMs. That’s a sad fact, but it’s no reason not to begrudge others playing this gem. Actually, you should be happy about finally being able to play a bug-free version of Bound High.

you can see the picture of my eproms in my collection

and yes, thats a bugged version (sometimes pixel lagging situations)

so thats is now 100% true that my highest priced item in my collection are a fake?


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