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Does anyone know where one could pick up a copy of Bound High? I hear that a reproduction cart is out there; would it be more worth it to pick up the authentic cart or a flashboy+?

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It would be easier to pick up the flashboy. I don’t think anyone is currently making the bound high carts. It will also allow you to play all of the homebrew games out.


I’m also searching for a copy. I usually watch eBay as some CIB copies have showed up recently but they are pretty expensive.


I have to second what BigMak said. You both would be better off just picking up a FlashBoy+. Unless you are collectors and trying to fill a CIB collection, then that is a different thing.

I agree and I do have FlashBoy+ so I can play it. I am looking for it so that I can add it to my collection.


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