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How would one go about cleaning and wiping away smudges and dust on the virtual boy’s mirrors and lenses?

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Well, I’d suggest wiping with a microfibre cloth to get the smudges off. Just be very careful with the mirrors, don’t wipe too hard, just be patient. If dust persists, try a bit of air to rid the rest.

If it’s the getting to the mirrors you’re talking about, there’s this

I use a cotton swab, personally. No cleaning solution–just use it plain.

If you don’t own a gamebit and/or don’t want to purchase one, you can alter a flat head screwdriver to help you remove the Nintendo security screws. more info here: http://www.projectvb.com/dissect.html

If you want to replace the screws visit a local hardware store and pick up #4 1/2″ screws. They are the right thread count, size, etc.

Well the issue is that my virtual boy has a few black streaks going across the mirrors, especially noticeable noticeable when there’s a solid red screen in the background. I’ve read in a previous thread that the only way to fix this is to use a can of compressed air and clean the screens thoroughly


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