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I had this drawing for years and i wanted to post it here on PVB but i didn’t get around it until now. This drawing represents an idea i wanted to make for the VB as a homebrew called Bulbs, based on Tiger’s Lights Out handheld but also a homebrew game released for the Atari Jaguar ten years ago. Maybe in the future i’ll flesh out this idea of mine, with gameplay concepts, stages and more…

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KGRAMR I don’t want to discourage you Nor do I want to sound like a smart allic. Therefore I am reluctant to say this to you, but here it goes. it is great that you have ideas however please take this advice from me.

GAME=1%inspiration 99%perspiration

think about that when you want to start a game.

Oh when you get to the point of creating graphics if you want to make stereo-optic graphics, contact me directly I’m
Morintari9146 on discord I teach for free so your budget can handle me.

Good luck,


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