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I recently repaired 5 Virtual Boys for a local game shop and immediately used the credit to pick one up for myself. This was my first excursion into the Virtual Boy and I was pretty excited. I also repaired 5 stands for them so I got the unit itself, a stand, and a controller. So naturally I hit up ebay to check pricing on an original Virtual Boy Power Tap or Battery Pack. Let’s just say I was disappointed at the amount I’d have to spend to start enjoying some “Mario’s Tennis” So I began searching for alternatives and I didn’t really like what I found. Naturally I have some experience with PCB design and 3D modeling so I borrowed the game shop’s Power Tap and mapped out the circuit and designed my own. Here is the result. If I were to put together a small production of these power taps would there be much interest in the community?

What do you guys think about the design?

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The design looks cool. I would have assumed there’d be interest – What’s with the silence everyone!? Have we just reached the point where there’s more working and available AC adapters then there are working Virtual Boy’s? It would be sad, but understandable if that’s true.

Great work! I personally don’t need one, but I really like this project. The Discord is more active than the forum, but I believe I saw this project in one of the channels.

I’m excited for this! He did post it on Discord, yes! Kevin is apparently also going to make one. I’d love one of each of yours’!


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