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Hey there Chris,

As I have been racing to the top I wanted to secure my position at number two some more, though I can’t. It just defaults to some screen. It happens in IE8 and Firefox, do more people have this problem?

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Yup, me too.

All I get is this:

Thanks for your input e5frog, now I know it is not my configuration or anything. Will await the fix patiently.

I guess we have time to get better scores while we wait.

e5frog wrote:
I guess we have time to get better scores while we wait.

Or repair my battery pack 😉

Thanks guys! I did a little update to the script and messed something up. It should be working again now. 🙂

Great, it is fixed indeed! Just submitted two new highscores ;), just want to keep you from beating me off of number 2 Chris 😎 !

I’m probably the culprit there taking places after Chris on many games and raising his score from 5 to 10 on all of them.

Ahhhhh, that is why! STOP IT IMMEDIATELY!! 😛

Nice work on that, it seems I just have to set a few new scores then! Though I just hate 3D Tetris, set a score on the first type of highscore. Though the game, to my opinion, is terrible.
I uploaded two new highscores, so I should be safe for a bit now 😉

I try to beat him…

… but not all games are that fun so I’ll settle for just getting a score so I’ll get my 5 points per available game variation. 😉


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