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A public demo of Capitán Sevilla 3D has finally been released on the Team VUEngine Patreon.

Capitán Sevilla 3D is a remake of Capitán Sevilla 2 by Rubén Garcerá Soto, which in turn is a tribute and sequel to Hi-Score’s and Dinamic Software’s Capitán Sevilla for Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum and MSX from 1988. It’s a humorous side-scrolling action platformer where you jump and shoot your way through a total of 4 areas.

Read the full story behind this release and download the ROM here. If you do not have the hardware to enjoy the demo on a real Virtual Boy, you can also play it online, or watch a video recording on our Youtube channel in 2D or anaglyph.

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Awesome little demo. Feels like I’m playing a comic book.

Maravilloso! Gonna give this a try later today!

The work you do is fantastic! I would really enjoy to see this game as a Full Release, one Day. Would be a gift to us all. Thanks for keeping the Virtual Boy alive.

Great game, congratulations!

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Thank you very much!

Thank you for the awesome Work to Team VUE!
Im excited to play the Demo coming Weekend 🙂
Would be verry cool if this will become a full Game anyday.


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