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Capitán Sevilla 3D is a remake of Capitán Sevilla 2, which in turn is a tribute and sequel to Hi-Score’s and Dinamic Software’s Capitán Sevilla for Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum and MSX from 1988. It’s a humorous side-scrolling action platformer where you jump and shoot your way through a total of 4 areas.

The original game demo by Rubén Garcerá Soto won 2nd prize in the PVB Coding Competition 2010. In 2018, under the new name “Capitán Sevilla 3D”, the game has been rebuilt from the ground up in VUEngine by the VUEngine team. Since the original game demo was 2D-only, all the environments have been remastered in 3D. A demo has been made available to backers of the VUEngine Patreon campaign. It contained the first three (out of four) areas and was fully playable from start to finish.

Following the Patreon exclusive demo release, new assets have been produced by Rubén Garcerá Soto, most notably new main character sprites, and the game was planned to be developed further in a different direction. The vision was a platforming adventure with puzzle elements and backtracking under the name of “Captain VB”. Unfortunately, the project had to be stopped in early 2019 due to a huge loss of funding. Being considered a side-project only, Capitán Sevilla 3D had to be put on ice in favor of the development of Formula V and VUEngine Studio.

A public demo of Capitán Sevilla 3D was eventually released in June 2021. It contains all areas of the original 2010 demo, Rubén’s new sprites, updated game mechanics, newly remastered backgrounds for even more stereo depth, music and sound effects, support for the Virtual Boy Rumble Pack and much more.

Latest Download
Latest: Capitán Sevilla 3D Public Demo ROM • 1.0 • June 27, 2021
Homebrew Details
Artist: rubengar
Developer, Stereo conversion: KR155E
Developer: Jorgeche
Genres: Action, Platform
Type: Game
Players: 1 Player
ROM Size: 16 MBit
Save Option: SRAM
Release Status: Released
Year: 2018
1 Supported Peripheral