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I have found a few Virtual boy games I’m looking for on ebay, one main problem is that the labels are rip and missing.

Is it possible that anyone can re-print a very close cart sticker? or tell me what my best option is?

If not thats okay too, I’ll just pass on the games and wait till I find a better condition listings.

(these will be for my personal collection, not for reselling)

Thanks Everyone!!!

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If you don’t have access to good printing equipment yourself, you can always have it printed at a print or photography shop by professional equipment on high quality adhesive paper. You just need a high resolution scan (300dpi+) of the label and maybe a minor color correction in software.


do you know any place where I can get a great scan of the carts?

http://www.thecoverproject.net is an awesome site for high res cartridge and label scans, but unfortunately they don’t seem to host any Virtual Boy ones :-(.

If somebody around here owns that game and is able to provide a high resolution label scan, you’re all set.

You are better off just getting games with good labels. It won’t be too much more money. And if the label is in that bad of condition, the cartridge may be too, or it could have been in a flood or something.

Well right now its going cheap I’m guessing cause of the label, It’s Jack Bros. Labels ok but looks like a price tag sticker was peeled off and tore the label off in the top right corner of the label, so 1/4th is missing.

And this is one of those games I really want, and I could live with a torn label, but feel like i would buy it again for a good label. MAybe I’ll just pass and wait for a good one.

Thanks Everyone!

I was looking at the same auction on Ebay, and had the exact same thought. I’m pretty sure I could create a good label to replace the torn one on the cart, but like 113Mhz said – someone will have to provide a high res scan of an intact one for me to be able to reproduce it. This is on the top of my list of games to get too.

I have scans of several VB carts at home, because I am in the middle of rescanning all boxes, carts, manuals, etc in high resolution. I don’t think they’re good enough for reprints, though. If someone wants to make some, I’d be glad to post them on the site. 🙂

Since we’re on the subject, I would like to say that I would definately provide any scan of what I have to anyone that would want it, but then I don’t know how helpful that really is since I am more of a gamer than collector and I mostly just have carts (though they are all in great condition). And my library consists of only 8 of the US games.

I satisfy my collecting needs with insects. 😀

Here’s the cart scan, probably too low res for printing as I thought. Wish I had a better scanner. 🙁


A minimum of 300 dpi resolution is needed for a quality print reproduction.

Even the crappiest of scanners can do 300 dpi, you just need to set it manually on the software you’re using to acquire the images, using the automatic settings gives poor results most of the time.

This scan is even 400 DPI. 😉

I cleaned up the image a bit. Print this at 2.04″ wide and 1.64″ tall.
If you look close you will see the changes I made, but I don’t have time to make it perfect right now. I have printed many things this small, and black is usually the biggest problem, but I made it truly black. This image is big enough that when printed, most people would never know the difference. The paper is key. You need high gloss white sticker paper. Clean the cart with mineral spirits & cotton, and then denatured alcohol. Apply mild heat w/ hairdryer, & sticker is forever. Good idea, btw. I have 2 pinballs w/ no sticker, we should do a scan for that. Nice scan kri55e.


Nice impovements pocket! Thanks for the info on the size, I was messing around with this label yesterday and the closest I could get to was 2.05 by 1.68 inches. I’ll definately print off your improved label and see if it comes off any better than mine.

If it helps, I did a 600dpi scan of my Galactic Pinball cart.


Thanks, I needed that. I’ll do some touch-up on it and repost.

if you head over to nintendoage I just did high-res scans for their database

I’ve messed around with the Jack Bros label further, and thought I’d share. If anyone would like to compare it to their cart and make any suggestions, I would appreciate them. I want to make this as close to the original as possible. I’ve mainly attempted to enhance the color in this attempt, but I doubt it’s perfect due to my color blindness. 😕


That Looks Great!

I’m just about all set with my USA set, I can start scanning my labels and posting them with my HP Vertical Scanner ^-^

Even have a few boxes if anyone wants scans of those.


Wouldn’t you rather have an original damaged label than a reproduction – even if it looks ok you’ll always know that it’s fake.

I can only speak for myself, in general – no, I would rather have a (good) reproducion. Of course, it would depend on the level of damage to the label. In a perfect world, I would definately prefer an original to a reprint, but when I have a dozen carts with perfect labels on them and then one with a large chunk of the label missing (including the name of the game) – the damaged label really sticks out.

I’m not as much of a collector as I am a gamer, and the cart is an original so I’m not too picky about how much of the outside is fake.

As far as this specific issue with the damaged Jack Bros. cart I have, I’m not actually going to replace the entire label. I’ve decided to preserve what label is left, and “patch” the missing portion with a reprint of that part.


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