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I’m willing to trade a Apple Macbook (white) works great, just a few dead pixels :/

For a Complete (game, cart, manual, dust cap) Copy in good shape of Jack Bro. (U) for Virtual Boy.

This is the only Game I need to complete my US Collection, and I just lost the auction last night on ebay. grrrr… So. Making this offer.

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You do know that any more than 2 dead pixels is considered unacceptable, right?

But are they truly dead, or just stuck? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stuck_pixels

why not wait for another auction?

yea, the machine is out of warranty, apple won’t cover it. I work at a Apple Service center. The machine has been cleaned and tested. Works Great! just a few dead pixels

Here’s my Official Rules/Trade Worth 😛

I will Trade this Macbook, (Specs and Pics will but up later tonight)

For any of the Following Bundles 😛

Bundle A:
Jack Bro. (U) Complete with Box, Manual, and Dust cap and 3D Tetris (U) Loose Cart

Bundle B:
Jack Bros. (U) Loose Cart with a FlashBoy

Bundle C:
Space Invaders (J) Loose Cart

Bundle D:
Virtual Lab (J) Loose Cart

Bundle E:
Virtual Bowling (J) Loose Cart

Bundle F:
Space Squash (J) Loose Cart and Insmouse no Yakata (J) Loose Cart

Make an Offer 😛

My Jack Bros is gone, but I have Insmouse and Squash and maybe I am interested in a trade. Will wait for specs and pictures. 🙂

Awesome, I’ll get the specs tonight after work and some pics.

Are the games in boxes or loose carts?


Its a white macbook 2.0Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo
80 GB Hard drive
512MB ram
Mac OSX 10.6 and iLife 09 installed
Super Drive
Bluetooth and Wifi card
Will have a New Top Case, Logic Board, and LCD (with 1 bad pixel)

There is no Magsafe Adapter, Battery does hold a charge.

No pictures just yet. Have to install the LCD (current one is cracked but I have a replacement from the Same Vendor Apple uses with 1 known bad pixel, has problems with some colors. Will post pics once its Assembled Fully.

Any other questions please feel free to ask ^-^


I’m interested and I’ve got “bundle A” (boxed / complete Jack Bros and loose 3-d Tetris). Let me know if you are still interested / the deal with KR155E doesn’t work out.

Which size is the LCD?

How much does it weigh?

How long does the battery run?

I assume I’d need to get myself a magsafe adapter then (how else should I charge the battery)? Can a german adapter be used?

Would 512KB RAM be enough to run Windows XP in Virtual Box for VB Dev on the train? 😀

Would 512KB RAM be enough to run Windows XP in Virtual Box for VB Dev on the train? 😀

512KB no, but should be with 512MB. 😀
You can dual-boot between OS X and Windows, so you don’t get the performance penalty.

All macbooks came with a 13.3″ screen, I’ll see how long the battery runs ^-^ My Guess is about 2 hours, but all depends on what you do.

I Know Apples MagSafe adapters have a swap able tip so you can buy the tip for different countries and work just fine


Nice! Glossy or Non-Glossy screen?

Do you have a chance to get your hands on a MagSafe adapter? My Space Squash and Insmouse might come complete in boxes. 😀

I don’t think I have a spare Magsafe 🙁

But the screen is Glossy ^-^

And I think I have more ram for it

History of this machine was I got this machine as a dead machine, I ended up getting all the parts it needs. So the machine has mostly ALL NEW PARTS! Tested and works great! (so far with a external display, until I get the replacement in the mail)

But I do have a spare battery (untested right now) may or may not hold a charge.

And The magsafe adapter that came with it, it has a few cuts in the wire, soo… if you want I can send you that one, and if you feel handy man-ish, you can try to patch it. Looks like it needs some precision work near the tip where it plugs into the machine, so I havn’t attempted it myself.

I can also send you a link where you can get a cheaper 3rd party adapter for it.



Looks like the 3rd party one is $38.

New from apple is $79

Not quite cheap… I got a “wall to mini usb” adapter with my Dingoo Digital A320, maybe that would fit. I need to check that when I am at home.

Well if you want I could send you the one I use for my machine (and I’ll use one from work in the meantime till I replace it) If you’re willing to trade me a Flash boy as well 😛 And I’ll also send in the parts I mentioned before in the PM.


Thanks, but I think I’d just try to get a cheap third party one. 😉

To Quote Janine from “Ghostbusters”….

“WE GOT ONE!!!!!!!!”

well… I did..




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