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Store: https://www.deviantart.com/virtualboyshop
( I also have Gameboy and vectrex items too 😀)

A new addition to my family of virtual boy travel cases. This cas can hold all 35 official official games.
(14 USA) (19 Japanese) ( 2 not for resale DEMO only)

The spacing is perfect for easy access and visibility to see game labels. Good protection too.

Inside is a chart in alphabetical order for the game list.

Be sure to check out my other custom VB goods


Case dimensions: exterior 13 1/2″ x 8″ x 4 3/8″
These cases are manufactured from prime, high-density polyethylene, with double wall construction. The textured exteriors resist dents, cracking and scuffs. The shells are unaffected by extreme temperatures. The hardware features mechanical latches that are field replaceable, and a mechanical hinge system that is made to last. All cases meet U.S. 94B Specifications as an electrical insulator and are impervious to chemical attack.


Polyethylene foam is resilient, closed-cell foam ideally suited as the material or a component material required for shock absorption and vibration dampening. Additionally, it functions as insulation, buoyancy and barrier components and as cushioning material in packaging.


Charcoal foam provides a difficult to soil surface that is perfect for long-term usage in a variety of areas. It is practical for packaging and in the casing of frequently used and delicate items, as it will maintain a professional appearance without dirtying. This foam also has a complete open-pore structure that gives it excellent air flow properties, great for filter applications.

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I sent you a PM about this. Posting here for higher visibility. That case is looking pretty sweet!

small update, just haven’t gotten around to posting

This is the only case iv’e made where I’ve received negative feedback. (Count:2 – both on this one) Occurred from glue issues due to particles falling into the game slots. To fix the issues from a couple individuals I recommended using nail polish to kill any small debris on previous sales.

-This Metal Detail is now used to block glue from entering in the building process.
(this is bottom view of foam so ignore foam quality, its 100% better from above.

– Another metal frame was used so placing the game list decal is more centered. wasn’t requested but I wasn’t happy with free hand.

Thank you community and all positive feedback I have received.

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Hey Schwank! Not exactly the right place for this but since you’re bringing up feedback… I like your blockbuster case replacement foam kits but do you think you’ll ever be interested in releasing one made with a softer charcoal foam instead of the rougher pool noodle like foam? I’m not really the biggest fan of the rough edges rubbing up against my equipment and it doesn’t offer the same protective pillow-like impact absorption as a softer foam. Just thought I’d throw it out there as another potential option!

No there is no plan to use charcoal foam for a few factors
1. the cost would be raised for customer
2. supply and demand has dropped significantly.
3. Would have to redesign / test dimensions for this new material for proper snug fit.
4. I cut with high pressure water, it might become sloppy cut being 4 inches and harder to stop from moving on table. Charcoal absorbs a lot of water, so it might be more difficult drying and might end up smelling moldy.

Thank you for asking though, its always been something I have thought about.

My foam Characteristics:

Closed-cell, chemically cross-linked structure
Does not produce dust
Excellent buoyancy
Superb strength and tear resistance
High shock absorption
Impervious to mildew, mold, rot, and bacteria
Superior chemical and grease resistance

So, the $185 “VB Decade Case” is basically your own version of the VB travel case? Also, I don’t see the cartridge case listed on your DeviantArt page and I didn’t see a price listed here…my apologies if I just missed it.

Yup it?s my own take on it with 3 different versions. If you are looking for cartridge case it?s labeled as Virtual Boy 35 Cart Case

If anyone is interested I still have inventory to build a few more from 6 months ago+


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