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Good news everybody! Kevin Mellott’s HyperFlash32 flash cart is finally done and a first batch of 25 is en route for circa late May. A larger second batch will follow soon after.

Both batches have long been sold out, so even if you preorder one right now, you will have to wait some more months for your cart. There’s still a chance to get your hands on one as soon as the first batch lands, though. Kevin is now holding an eInk label art contest and the best label art will be awarded with a HyperFlash32 cart. Check out the thread for more info and get ready to push some pixels. Still 3 weeks to go, go, go!

Update: One week to go! Due to the lively participation in the contest so far and the many good entries, Kevin has announced to give away two HyperFlash32 carts as well as a link cable and a VB USB controller adapter as secondary prizes. Details here.

Update 2: The contest is over and in the end, there have even been three categories with a HyperFlash32 and two secondary prizes given away in each. Results can be found here. Congratulations to all the well-deserved winners!

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