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This hack of Castlevania for the NES turns all the graphics red and black. It makes you wonder what it would be like to play this game in 3D on the Virtual Boy.


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Just a note: hotlinking those pics doesn’t work; they turn up as broken here.

Looks very interesting, though a bit too orange most of the time if you ask me!

Just wondering is this only for Castlevania? Does this antilogarithm convert an image into 3 shades of red and black?
Can it be applied to other games? If so on both questions (Technically I only asked 2 questions 1,3 were kind of the same) Maybe this could be used as a springboard to refine graphics of other games to make them on the Virtual Boy? I know the artist would still have to do a ton of work, but at least they would have a place to start.

Love to see a castlevania game on the virtual boy. If i could do a game My self i have starter My own castlevania 🙂


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