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Has anyone ever washed a visor or have a technique for cleaning it?

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Thank you sir!!!

Compressed air!

It will make it lok new, without washing it. If you have access to an air compressor, spray it full blast up close and it will clean it deep down. I use mine to clean the insides of all sorts of delicate video game stuff, electronics, etc. Works great on cloth.

I remember my mom just putting it in with the regular stuff to be washed. The former owner of my first VB was a hard smoker, so it stank…




You, sir, are quite welcome!


That’s a good idea!

I used to do this to a washable air filter and I never made the connection to the VB visor… 😛


Like the manual says, that’s not a good idea… I can’t remember if I ever washed mine (I’m not big on reading manuals :-P) but it started peeling around the edges at some point. I’m planning to make a couple new ones out of thicker foam–like the prototype ones are always shown with.

Oh, it had already peeled on its own. My mom fixed it before washing it. Because My Mom > everybody else 😉




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