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I guess nintendo is starting to realize that even though virtual boy was a market failure it does have a fan base and deserves to be mentioned. I recently got on the nintendo website and looked at their older systems page and guess what was on their virtual boy the pages show trouble shooting, and replacement information that just pretty much says that they dont make it any more get one on ebay. I also saw a master list of all the american relesed games once I saw that I realized that the japen website must have it to, I checked the japanese website and couldent at all find a game list, to do a poor atempt at translating so I guess we will never know if shin nihon did get relesed in limited numbers. I did find some good pages though that show aome of the games, im starting to ramble blow are the pictures andlinks. http://www.nintendo.co.jp/n09/vue/p_vtbj/index.html

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The japanese pages were online since the VB’s launch, though. 🙂

LOL! You know that you can hit the “Print Screen” key and paste it into Paint or any other image software right? You don’t have to take a picture of the monitor w/ a camera 😛 .


I will be sure to do it that way next time.

You should also get a new browser and set it up so it automatically uses the right encoding. Right now, you’re viewing it in in some ANSI encoding instead of the proper encoding, namely Shift JIS.




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