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Not to sound desperate but does anyone have any club nintendo codes they are not using?

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I usually give them to my buddy in Japan. If I find any, I’ll PM the codes to ya’. πŸ™‚

Thanks! πŸ˜€

…Any idea if the old GC points/stars are still usable?

There are a few (new) GC games I was thinking of getting, and am wondering if I can still use the points for something (IIRC you could et better forum access with them or something).

Club Nintendo doesn’t take Gamecube game codes anymore

You can actually get a very small amount of Wii/DSi points with them, if you have enough. I got one free game that way (after having registered TWELVE games and TWO consoles. Sheesh).

PM sent. πŸ™‚

I had about 6k Stars/Nintendo points on my account 12months ago but they seem to have bugged out or disappeared altogether.


I think they’re not forever, they expire after several months/years, but I’m not sure. I guess you should ask Nintendo.

A bit less than 12 months ago (I believe), Nintendo sent out emails indicating all old stars will be lost during the migration of the newer site, where stars gained more importance.

I think…

Good opportunity for them to get rid of old stars… I wonder how many people complained.

I converted mine to wii points. Don’t buy play the wii or DS anymore though so I wouldn’t know if that would still be an option.

I’m looking for some club Nintendo codes, anyone have any?


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