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My VB had a weird problem today and I’m not sure anyone else has had it. (tell me if you have or know someone that has.)
I turned it on (and had Mario’s Tennis in), and everything looked fine until it got to the intro. I could barely make out Marios face because it looked like it was using the completely wrong shades of red.They all looked so similar I could easily have thought they were just one. It looked so weird my eyes started to hurt. I tried adjusting the focus, but it was right. So I turned it off and back on. Now it’s just like my horizontal lines prob: it’s sometimes there, goes away after awhile but comes back later. It’s turned on right now with no problems. I think it might be messed up, but I don’t want to take it apart (scared of doing something wrong). Am I the only person who has this problem? And especially: am I putting in way too much detail making this post strech on forever? 😕

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clean the cartride, as it seems that’s the problem. (go to radioshack and buy an electronics cleaner, it’s a can that blows air.)

I have the same problem. It’s the ribbon cables. They can cause both the horizontal lines problem and miscoloring of the entire display.

Try the oven trick (I did, but it got worse 😐 , oh well…)

Yup… sounds like the cables. In particular, the brightness pins are likely not making good contact.



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