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I’m just a person who seeks excellent gaming experiences far and wide(especially those that flew under the radar for whatever reason), and was looking up an old, Japan-exclusive JRPG whose SNES version had been translated(though I’d rather play the FM-TOWNS version translated).

What does that have to do with the Virtual Boy, you ask? I was scouring the forums for any other tidbits on that game when I stumbled upon this on the second page.

Next thing I know, I’m giving much more thought to a system that I haven’t played in years(the last time was playing Teleroboxer at a friend’s house at least nine years ago), and in particular its unreleased games. (It’s gone to the extent that I can’t think without visualizations of Dorin popping in my head now.)

I don’t really know why, but it is now one of my missions in life to play Dragon Hopper and report my experiences to everyone else. (Admitted, I’d be more likely to actually start and run very successful businesses in game development and mobile computing-my two main aspirations-than come across a copy of this game.) If not that, maybe I can convince Nintendo to Wiimake it and post it on WiiWare(though I think Bound High! would be more likely to benefit from the Wiimote; I can imagine that game playing quite well just by tilting the Wiimote).

Still, that may not be my only reason for considering the VB. I thought a bit about getting one of the things with Red Alarm, VB Wario Land, and Teleroboxer just to get a better idea of what the system can do, though I’m short on cash at the moment.

Hopefully, you’ll let me get nice and cozy in here despite the fact that I don’t have a VB yet, and joined mostly in the pursuit of anything and everything DH-related. (I’d even go visit some key locations like the NoA HQ in Redmond, Washington and that major distribution center they supposedly have in Atlanta just to find out if I’ll learn anything past investigators didn’t, provided that I had a surplus of time and money.)

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Hello, welcome to our red world.

I believe someone on here has a proto of Dragon Hopper. 😀

But, 99.99% chance that its not going to be dumped. I would love to play it too, but I most likely won’t.

Someone on these forums actually has the game?

While asking for a public dump is ludicrous(not without coughing up a few thousand US$ or other currency to compensate for prototype devaluation), could we at least get a video playthrough that has sound and isn’t a blurry, almost-unviewable mess? (That E3 1996 video here certainly isn’t cutting it.) At least watching the game get played to completion would whet my appetite for a bit(and also answer questions like “Does Dorin resume life with his re-united family in an evolved form, or his original form?”).

I think dragon hopper would be an amazing game to play. I think the type of game it is, would have been a much needed addition to the vb. A zelda type adventure that uses the 3-d graphix ? wow..if there is some footage somewhere of it being played, please someone post it 🙂 I would love to see it.



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