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well… i just tried to get the latest gccvb set up (in windows) to do some programming, and also wanted to create a nice package like the first or second gccvb release, so users don’t have to mess with compiling it first and set it up (probably scares off unexperienced people) and can start right away.

i couldn’t get it compiled though, and don’t want to spend too much time looking into it, so i am asking, if someone can send me the compiled executable or -even better- the complete package to upload it to the utilities section.

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It really was a pain to compile it the first time (first version or so), had to make a lot of changes to the source because of special characters in some patches corrupted the patched files, then David T. fixed them and provided the latest package which has a sh script which runs flawless in linux provided that you have all the prerequisites and the right version of gcc (3.4) it won’t compile under 4.1.x. I have compiled it multiple times but only under linux… you will need a very descent minimal unix in your windows machine to compile it (bison, flex, and other stuff that I don’t even know what is for :-?). I will make a try to compile it using cygwin, but I’m not that proficient on windows environments (so I don’t know about other way to compile it besides using a minimal unix) and I’m not sure if you can distribute a compiled version of it…

Yeah, I tried copying the binaries of gccvb from my desktop to my laptop and it wouldn’t work… complained about some libraries that needed to be linked or something. Not sure if there’s something easily that can be done to fix it… I just installed cygwin on my laptop and rebuilt it on there (since I wanted cygwin on my laptop anyway).


I have also done cygwin. It seems like I had some small hicups, but I don’t remember what they were, and it went well for the most part.

If not being able to follow the build instructions keeps you from VB dev’ing, you probably won’t do much, anyway 😛 (Or, in my case, even if you get it built you won’t do anything :-P)

Word to the wise, though: I tried it first on MSys; long story short: nada. Maybe someone smarter could make it go… (Which would rock, BTW).

so is cygwin only needed to compile gccvb or also to run it? i am a bit confused now. 😛

Programs compiled with Cygwin require the cygwin1.dll to run.

if that’s all than that’s fine, thanks!

I had no problems compiling under cygwin… I just did what it said in the readme. Still haven’t written any software though. 😀

Hopefully that will change soon. I should at least get to work on a hello world program…


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