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Virtual Boy marked its 25th Anniversary. As an avid fan who owned the system for about 6 years and recently joined PlanetVB, I’m interested in producing Virtual Boy homebrews. However, since I’m not experienced with C Programming yet, I chose to produce mockups for concepts for future homebrew games. As a 1st project, I’m interested to make an unofficial remake/sequel to the infamous VB game ‘Virtual Lab’.
I have used EDGE to draw the sprites and Medibangpaint to create the game screen mockup.

If there’s anyone who is interested in this project, feel free to send a message, or send a tweet at https://twitter.com/kizuha_xaiya or
Discord at: XKizuha#9503


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Nice, I love mockups! I hope you can get this made. Avoid a few mistakes the original made and this has the potential to be a pretty fun game.

Currently i have an injury in my left arm but i plan to post mock-up drawings based on XKizuha’s work to refine it a bit more to see it we can one-up Virtual Lab’s overall look for this potential idea 🙂

Thanks, KGRAMR!
I’m Looking forward to the refined version!
(The cursor on the 2nd ‘gameplay’ image is planned to have a ‘zip’ Function which closes the piece’s mouth, controlled with a right D-Pad and R button. This is implemented to solve the original’s issue where a chain getting ruined by a blocking piece, causing a eventual game over).


Sorry for the almost six-months response but here’s my mock-up drawings for a potential Virtual Lab 2 for Virtual Boy 🙂


Looks awesome!

Fun project! I’m looking forward to see more of this.

Update- Here’s the updated concept art for the VL2 girl! (currently unnamed).


Nice! Keep going!


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