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I have to get my car back on the road and am selling some of my VB games on eBay.

It’s funny – I’ve not played some of them for a long while (as they are stored away in a box) but I’ve really enjoyed testing them out before the auctions. It’s a shame, but priorities change.

I think I have the start prices of the auctions at a reasonable level – but that is just going by previous completed auctions.

I’m not really interested in offers to end auctions early (sorry ectoglow ! πŸ™‚ ) as I know that you normally get the best price you’re ever going to get using an auction format.

Anyway – here are the links:

Nester’s Funky Bowling


Jack Brothers


3D Tetris


Virtual Fishing


Insmouse no Yakata




I’ve given the ebay.com links but I’m in the UK.


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Sorry you have to sell off your collection (I know how much it hurts). At least you thought of me.

And I am excited to FINALLY get a Chance to Get Insmouse No Yakata again (I REALLY want a copy to replace the one I sold). Thank you for the chance.

So… how many other people are after Insmouse No Yakata ( Innsmouth Mansion) these days?

Aaaaand I already have competition. 9 days, here we go.

Wow, Some really nice stuff. Good Luck with your sales!

Nice stuff, I’m watching two of the auctions!

I’m after Insmouse, but not anytime soon, sadly. I’ve poured a few too many dollars into the VB this year, so I have to hold back. πŸ™

That Insmouse box looks *fantastic*! I started reaching for my credit card, but the specter of my girlfriend gave me a nasty look from afar. πŸ™

Good luck Ecto!

Thank you so much. As soon as I get a copy I’ll make sure to keep an eye out for another copy in the future for you.

As it is I really don’t have the money right now but With all the repros and me wanting Insmouse so much I fell I just HAVE to do it now.

jrronimo wrote:
I’m after Insmouse, but not anytime soon, sadly. I’ve poured a few too many dollars into the VB this year, so I have to hold back. πŸ™

Me too. I’d love to get one but they’re always so expensive (for a video game, anyway).

I’m interested in Insmouse, but only because my box is in bad shape in comparison. Just looking to upgrade. Having said that, if I win, I’ll be selling off my current one.



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