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I was reading though the cut content thread and learned that there might be an unused character named Chader in the game Teleroboxer. So I decided to have a closer look.

I figured out how the game is loading each character and am now able to freely load all the opponents. This includes the cat-like opponent that has a question mark as a name and can only chosen if all enemies have been defeated without loosing.

And yes… there is one empty spot in there reserved for Chader. Loading him brought me to a messed up character screen. At first I couldn’t read the name because the word “Country” was overlapping it. When I replaced the letters with points I could clearly see the name though. Additionally the screen shows more information about the robot (his name seems to be Headome) and the fighter.

When selecting the fighter it always takes me to an empty arena. Thereby I am not able to win or loose and the game ends after 5 rounds with a draw. The final Judgment screen then shows an image of a robot. This might be Headome. It might be any other robot though (I didn’t play too much Teleroboxer). Maybe one of you guy could tell me.

I figured out where the game stores the health for the play and the opponent because I was hoping to see the win/loose screen. However, without hitting it never goes to the KO and always ends on that Judgment screen.

I also used RealityBoy to check if there are more hidden sprites but couldn’t find any. The only interesting things is the cat image on the select screen. I guess this was supposed to be used for the cat-like character that now has the question mark as an icon.

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I’ve only made it to like the third fighter in this game, so not sure if that mole lookin thing is the missing robot or what, but it does look like a dome on the head, so “Headome” seems like an appropriate name.

I actually managed to get to the win/loose screen yesterday. Basically, I would win/losse against the first opponent and then, before the game goes to the result screen, switch the enemy. I could actually still switch the enemy when on that screen. It would then switch the text but not the image.

However, the result screen for Chader would never show a text nor an image. The rom itself contains the text for Chader though. So maybe there is an image of him hidden in the rom after all.

I had another look at the maps using reality boy when “fighting” against Chader. Turned out that the same image is used for the the win/loose screen as for the character selection …and there is just a blank space instead of the image for him. So chances are good that there is no image of him in the rom.

However, I also checked the maps on the Judgment screen and it shows a total of 9 Robots, one more then playable in the game. This leads me to the conclusion that the image I found is actually Headome.

Maybe there are sprites of him somewhere in the Rom but I doubt.

Cool finds! How about a trainer patch? 🙂

I just checked and I can confirm that that robot is indeed Headome.

It seems Chader got removed before the character screen got remodeled. Have a look at this beta screenshot, the template fits.

KR155E wrote:
It seems Chader got removed before the character screen got remodeled. Have a look at this beta screenshot, the template fits.

Ahhh… that explains it.

KR155E wrote:
How about a trainer patch?

What would you want the patch to do? The game is relatively easy to hack. They keep allot data in code instead of using datastructures though.

Nice find.

thunderstruck wrote:
What would you want the patch to do?

Dunno, maybe invincibility, one hit kills or an opponent selector.

In case you didn’t know:

The cat sprite is not hidden. It appears if you have the misfortune (really, the only difficult opponent in the game) of battling him again during your title defense.

The cat’s name is Milky, and his robot’s name is Bamsham.

With that said… REALLY nice find!


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