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Has anyone played Square Tube 3D? I had a chance to experience it and it reminded me of a game that could have easily been released on the Virtual Boy.

It is a tunnel running game, of sorts. You must guide the “camera” through the open area of each wall. The way in which the walls are designed made it feel a bit like 3D Tetris.


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No, but it reminds me of this:


Do you think it would work well enough with a D-pad?

I like that one even better. I played Square Tube 3D on a Smart Watch with an accelerometer. This actually felt a bit unnatural. I’ve played similar style games on the OUYA with a controller and they controlled smoothly.

Speaking of 3D Tetris, I used to have this game on my DOS PC as a kid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTkxmE2AAoo

The Square Tube 3D screenshots instantly reminded me of this.


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