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debugWe have all seen the pictures of the Faceball and Virtual Bowling prototypes on Project:VB, for example a screenshot of the debug menu of Virtual Bowling. Now we know, that this menu was never deleted for the final version, but instead “buried” deep in the ROM. With a patch made by Parasyte a few hours ago, this menu can now be unlocked! Well, at least by the few people who have a rom of the game… Even cooler are the 2 patches for Panic Bomber, which unlock not only an extensive debug menu, but also a level select! Another patch makes a debug menu accessible in Vertical Force. It contains a handy level select and a surprisingly polished sound test option. You can find the patches at Emulation > Patches.

Also, one can be pretty sure that such things can also be found in other games, so I am looking forward to what will be next. 🙂

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