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Today the site gets a big update about homebrewn Virtual Boy software, with detailed information about every released and unreleased demo and game in a completely redone selfmade section, a lot of new screenshots and videos. You’ll find new info and pics of DogP’s Simon, Parasyte’s Scaling Demo, the discontinued Silent Hill: Virtual Nightmare and much more. I’ve also got some new info about my VB puzzle game BLOX for you, which I could continue working on, thanks to a beta version of the “gccVB” C compiler. Since then work on the game has progressed well. Blox will offer 3 levels of difficulty with more than 60 levels in an 8 MBit rom. It should be ready for release sometime in the second half of this year. 10 brandnew screenshots as well as a preview video are waiting for your eyes. 🙂


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