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Ok, so I just had an idea that needs some elaboration but I think could really help out dev if enough people like the idea. We have the Wiki, witch is a really good idea. But not everyone in the VB community is technically skilled enough in the programming and hardware areas required to bring any sort of project to some form of completion in a reasonable amount of time. However there are many creative people within the community each with thier own areas of talent who would love to contribute to the Virtual Boy.
I think it would be great if the community could utilize the wealth of resources it really has in an organized effort. I mean some here are great programmers, Some are artistic, Some are creative and some probably have talent waiting to be exposed but I think 90% of people who post in the forum would like to contribute in some way. So my idea was that perhaps another site could be built or possibly an addition to this one, where projects the community would really like to see could be contributed to by almost anyone.
But how would that work? Then I thought maybe some project management techniques could be applied, like dividing a a large project like, a game into smaller parts and making it so that for example someone with image skills could work on sprites or bg’s, or a programmer could work an object or class that does x, y, z for another peice of the game. Of course tools and things of that nature could be organized in a fashion where they would be available near jobs on the site or what have you.
Where’s the incentive? okay here’s the tricky part but I have an idea for this too. Most of us in the forums are collectors here and probably have duplicates of some games, systems, whatever. I was thinking possibly we could have some kind of reward system based on points or something and perhaps a catalog of user submitted rewards, and possibly even financial incentives (but to do this the site would need some kind of revenue through ads or donations or ?) .
So there’s my dev collaboration idea. So if enough people like the idea then perhaps we could figure something out. I could build a site of this nature including the database(s) needed to make it work, even host it if nessasary (if I built it this would probably be nessasry due to the fact I would need a windows server.) I have other websites so adding this to my server would’nt be a big deal, but I don’t want to step on anyones toes here because in order for something like this to work it needs the support of everyone. It would be great, however to utilize the user base already here though rather than making them login somewhere else again with a different username and password or something.
Well I for one think it’s a realistic and good idea but what do you all think?

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Hi, that would be great… why don’t you write Krisse about it, I think he would be really interested. He and I had begun to develop a game for the VB and certainly need more people involved.


I would be willing to donate some money


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