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Does anyone know where i can get a virtual boy repaired?

mine has something wrong with the left side… it is dim and shows broken images. Nintendo Customer service told me to ask this… i know it sounds odd..

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If you have the tools to open the system you can probably repair it yourself. I’ve got a page set up for display repair on my site: http://projectvb.vze.com .


thankyou-that really helps… WOO!!!

wait… nintendo’s customer service told you “go ask on the planet virtual boy forums”? i want that on tape! xD

yeah… i know… it sounds….. really odd… also i wouldn’t have been able to record it, as i have nothing to record with… o-o;

You probably got one of those rare customer service people who actually likes the company they work for, and even more amazing likes VB _and_ knows about the community still supporting it. :woah:

yeah. 😀

just yesterday i read in another forum, that the nintendo customer service still gets a lot of calls about the virtual boy, especially regarding the display cables. they don’t support vb directly though, but “point people to websites.”


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