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Hi community,
I’m new here and I’m looking for a plan to build my own DIY Virtual Boy Stand. I purchased my VB without the stand and the replacement stands at ebay etc. are pretty expensive.

I couldn’t find a tutorial for a DIY stand in the internet so i thought maybe someone here already built one and could post some pictures and explanations.

I would be glad if someone can help!
Thanks in advance.

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if you have the clip from the top of the stand you can connect a few different things to it. there are some posts here using light fixtures from IKEA. without the clip you would need to fabricate something that hold it. without getting to crazy, why not look for just the clip on ebay?

also, consider buying a broken stand and then buying the medallion repair kit. http://www.planetvb.com/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=4984&forum=3

thanks for the answer.
unfortunately i don’t have the clip.
is there a chance to build my own stand without the clip?

or does anyone maybe have a clip for sale?

ongikong wrote:
thanks for the answer.
unfortunately i don’t have the clip.
is there a chance to build my own stand without the clip?

or does anyone maybe have a clip for sale?

How good are you at building things from scratch?

If I was starting from scratch, I would start with a wooden block about an inch and a half cube (maybe inch and 3/8 on one measurement), and a couple of wooden clothes pins. Some five-minute epoxy putty, and some wood glue. Attach the clothes pins at the edge of the block (1.5 x 1.5 inch side, so that the if the clothes pins are VERTICAL the top surface is 1.5 inches by 1.375). Place the clothes pins so that they fit within the rails of the “mounting block” on the bottom of your VB. The jaws of the clothes pins should stick up a half inch or so.

Glue an inch and a half wide piece of 1/16 inch plywood on the handles of the clothes pins, so that you can push on the square and both clothes-pins will open together. Allow to dry completely. Cut the plywood so that its length matches the length of the clothes pins.

Put a 1/16 inch separator in the jaws of the clothes pins (a couple popsicle sticks would be fine). Brush Vaseline petroleum jelly lightly over both attaching-surfaces of the VB bottom block-mount (so that your epoxy putty won’t stick), then mix up two large gobs of putty. Roll each into a 3/4 inch thick by 1-5/8 inch long cylinders. Lay your VB upside down, and press each putty cylinder onto each side of the “VB mounting block” (the mounting flanges are made with six little “fingers”) — making sure that the putty does not contact any surface not coated with vaseline.

Press your clothes-pin block into the two epoxy-putty cylinders, one cylinder mashing into the wooden block only, the other cylinder forming around only the clothes-pins & thin plywood plate.

Shape the putty flat onto the side of the block with your fingers (wet fingers work best, keep a small bowl of water handy!), then shape the other putty onto the plywood plate; smooth it out so it will look good when set.

By this time you should have used up most all five minutes of the putty setting time, it will start getting hard. Leave it for 15-30 minutes. When you open the clothes-pins, your new “mounting clip” should pop right off; rotate your assembly away from the VB and move towards the block-side, your assembly should now be clear. SET IT ASIDE for a good couple hours. When you remove the “popsicle separator”, the springs of the clothes-pins will apply constant pressure to the VB-mounting-block.

A helpful hint might be to cut a piece of plastic (like clear plastic from any blister-packaged item), to make a barrier for the VB-mounting-block on the side towards the game-cart-slot; I see there are some square holes down into the console, your clear-plastic card will keep the epoxy putty from extruding down into the machine.

Wait the full 24 hours for the epoxy to be fully cured. You should be able to clean the vaseline off of your new clip with soap and water and a brush; clean the console with dry paper towels, and then a paper towel wetted slightly with iso-propyl alcohol; do not get anything wet into the inside of the console.

You now have a solid mounting block for a stand; further suggestions on “legs” if you wish, if you’re interested and have come this far.


Before the “epoxy-putty” stage, I would carefully cut off ONE SIDE of each clothes-pin jaw — the side attached to the block; if the clothes-pins extend a half inch above the block, cut each “half-inch” off flush with the block. Then put in the spacer (also flush with the block), and mix & apply the epoxy sausages.

It would be nearly impossible to get one epoxy cylinder to attach only to the “plywood/jaws” side if the extended jaws are still there. Once the epoxy-putty catalyzes (hardens), you’ll have a strong and solid spring-loaded clip. The VB case will shape the epoxy into exactly what it needs. It will be stronger with six “finger-slots” on each side than with the manufactured “C” clip.

The whole assembly can be lightly sprayed with black paint, but that after attaching legs…


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