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Hi all, I’ve been checking eBay to see what Virtual Boy things there were, and I found these two auctions:



Last year, I was ripped off more than 1,300 euro by a guy called Michael Starkey, who has even posted in these forums, by putting up for sale Virtual Bowling and SD Gundam at eBay. I won the items, but never got them. I got eBay to cancel his account, but two months later, the same e-mail address (sparkeyflex@ntlworld.com) created another eBay account. Now, there’s this guy called “electricalmick” who’s selling Virtual Boy Bowling and Gundam, and curiously has 8 positive feedbacks.

If you search for a user with email “sparkeyflex@ntlworld.com” at eBay, you’ll see it’s a user with 8 positive feedbacks and 100%. Too many coincidences, so be VERY careful with these auctions. I’ve already reported them at eBay. If someone has already bid, I’d recommend you check his information when you win the auction, and if he is “Michael Starkey”, forget it, it’s a RIP-OFF.

I hope he doesn’t rip off anybody else this time.

Good luck!

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i had looked at those no more than 10 mins ago thinking that they had quite a brief description but i figured hey, every VBer knows those games.

thanks for the heads up

I hope it helps so that nobody gets ripped. And if somebody thinks I’m doing this so that prices don’t go up, I can supply e-mails demonstrating everything I say. I even spoke with the British Police, but I was told that the best thing I could do is get the money eBay gave me for this rip-off and forget about everything, so there you go, total unprotection at eBay… It’s very sad! πŸ™

Here’s a pic this guy sent me last year. In it, you can see Virtual Bowling and SD Gundam. If you check SD Gundam’s box, you can see two white marks on the top left margin, near the edge. Those two same marks are in the picture of the current ebay auction. So there you are, another proof of what I am saying.



VB fans unite!

Attack the ripper!!!!

thats a sweet coup
and u are free to tell your porkies but please remove names and emails as u could be liable ,well the site will i read about a big payout about these things and unless the culprit was legally tryed then the payout will be more than your loss mr palacios ,,who i have it on good authority has been refunded by his card supplier and the gull of somebody who indeed tryed to rip off the seller has somewhat sour grapes at being caught out ,update these games were genuine and have been picked up by a cash on collection so unlucky nice try

Hey “Wizard”, are you Mr. “Electricalmick”, or are you Mr. “dgosgotaclingon”, or Mr. “Sparkeyflex”, or all of them the same one who ripped me off the games maybe? Curiously enough, the auctions have been ended soon. Mmm, may I guess why? Nah, I shouldn’t bother guessing.

When I was ripped-off the money last year, I told the ripper, who by the way is Mr. Michael Starkey and has a pending deal with the Spanish authorities because of this rip-off (but of course you know that, no?), that I would do my best so that nobody was ever ripped off by him. Never.

Oh, and how do you take so much offence by seeing his name appear in the forum? Everyone should know who the can and can’t deal with, mostly since ripping off people at eBay seems so simple as ripping off, waiting two months to create a new account and then begin the process again. And of course, I have evidence of everything I say here. The same evidence I presented last year to the police, along with the proof of payment, the e-mails exchanged (full of contradictions) and such.

Anyway, let’s people compare and decide by their own. Here’s the feedback of the person that ripped me off:


And here I upload the two auctions I was ripped off last year in .MHT format, so that people can compare and decide by themselves (I have to disconnect from the Internet to get them loaded, so if it doesn’t load or seem hang, just remove the RJ-45 cable or disable WiFi to get the old auctions loaded).

In fact, I reported those two auctions at eBay because I believe they are material which was technically stolen to me last year, since I paid for them and never received them. What do you think, Mr. “Wizard”? Did I help the Virtual Boy Community by avoiding another rip-off?

Oh, and by the way, I never said you didn’t get them legally, I say that you got them and, when you decided to sell them at eBay, got MY money and NEVER SENT the games to me… πŸ˜•

thats cute. wizard is acting like he doesnt even know what the argument is about.

That’s how he acts. I’ve got lots of e-mails from last year, when I was ripped off, with a similar way of acting. It’s worthless to worry. I lost my money and I can’t do anything about that, but I’m really happy I was able to avoid another two rip-offs. πŸ˜‰

i wish i saw your face when u saw them haha
now u go on dribbling and dreaming but there are sold so u wasted your pathetic time for your info i do know what has gone on and her is a mate i know what went on u spiteful idiot now the bowling went for 450 and sd gundam 175 so in all not bad seen as u wasted your attempt to stop me sellnig them good day and hope u do finally finish your virtual boy collection ,i have ended my ebay account seen as i will be selling rest off stuff but through a other seller so ,not everybody comes here and someone will buy the rest of my stock and i go to america in next 6 moths perhaps i can sell to mate whomight buy them and sell them on then will u stop everybody then or every time u see the boxes of v bowling if the new seller has them i have asked him to appear in here to confirm that he has bought these and collected them ,thats it on the matter

do your ripppppppppppppppppppp

i had to deceifer your engrish..my god…use some periods next time.

He never uses periods. You always have to decipher his English. Regarding what you say, Wizard, you’re lying as always. The account you have at eBay is still up, and I know you’ve tried to sell the games out of eBay. The Virtual Boy community is not so big as you imagine, and we usually search in Internet for sellers before actually buying. Good luck selling to your Australian buyer, but he’s aware of what’s happening.

Of course, as I said, I can’t do anything with what happened to me, but at least I was able to avoid you ripping off other people. It’s obvious that, if you keep on trying, you will end up finding someone you can rip off. The thing is I was able to avoid it this time. Oh, and maybe people would like to know what happened with you and police when you went through a red light. Remember you appear at Peterboroughtoday? Here:


You have too much vanity, Michael. Don’t think I can’t sleep because of this, because it’s not the case. I just saw your auctions and thought that I wouldn’t let what happened to me, happen again. If you really want to sell your games, you should first think about their legitimate owner who paid for them and never received them. But of course, you won’t do that, since you are a ripper and you’ve always been the same.

he is only enquiring so hardly a buyer but seen as sold the original games sold, he was enquiring about the rest of the games but as i am aware of this game we all are playing ,isnt it exciting stuff ,nothing would of come of it and yes there are loads of virtual boy owners that never will read all of these comments and as long as i find a seller to sell my last few games then unlucky buddy

in regards to the red light that wasnt for the red light it was for being aggressive with the coppers otherwise i would of got a warning but hey u believe what the papers say ,i dont care about law enforcement it sucks and will get worse there are loads of legal loopholes ,u see i always get away with big things but never with little things like that ,but hey what sort of punishment do u get for red light ,well u know what they say dont do the crime if u cant handle the time and i can but that time a little fine ,the scams paid for it lol

For everyone apart from “Wizard”, I hope all this subject helps you avoiding getting ripped off when trying to finish your Virtual Boy collection. Remember: google search for the traders before you make any payment, and good luck!

Thanks so much for the advice palacios25. I was very interested in the items that electricalmick was selling, and contacted him about some information concerning the bowling game. After I received a reply from him, I contacted him again and asked if I could collect and pay cash in person for his games (since I live not too far away from him). I got no reply. So I later sent another message, and got no reply again. Therefore I think its quite obvious now what is going on, and thanks again for pointing it out to everybody.

u got a reply saying that virtual bowling had been sold and u was invited to come and see if u wanted any remaing stuff ,check your junk box ,the offer is still welcome thanks again

Very sorry for the mistake – PM sent. Cheers.

No comments… I don’t believe a word from Michael Starkey, so good luck with your trades with him if you finally decide to trade with him. As I said, I have evidence of what happened and even eBay gave me the stipulated compensation they have for these rip-offs. Unfortunately, it only covered approximately 30% of the money I was stolen by this person, but if eBay gave me the money, they admitted that I had been ripped-off, so there you go.

still crying over spilt milk, u are what u eat


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