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To prevent possible confusion: I have updated the User Ranks a little bit. They are now as follows:

Newbie 0 – 9 Posts 1 Star
VB Gamer 10 – 49 Posts 2 Stars
Virtual Freak 50 – 99 Posts 3 Stars
VUE(xpert) 100 – 249 Posts 4 Stars
Nintendoid! 250 – 499 Posts 5 Stars
PVB Elite 500+ Posts 6 Stars

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Sticky this post before it moves pages haha, I just found it searching,
I think it should be posted somewhere higher so people dont have to “search” since most Do not actually use the search command.

I didn’t even notice the change (if it -can- be noticed. ^^; ). If I may ask, what were the ranks previously?


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