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I think a demo or maybe a ROM is out there somewhere but with the stink that the last ROM’s made when released I doubt whoever has it will admit so and risk a barrage of pleas to dump and release it, now thats not to say I wouldn’t be one of those wanting it released, I would as much as I would love to play Bound High, Zero Racers etc, but I think its kept in a very close circle, as 10YLL mentioned in his post about the dumps, maybe so secret and closed that people in that circle don’t even know they are in it.

But if someone reading this does have rare and unreleased ROMS and feels a copy needs to be released into the wild, send ’em on to me and I’ll do it and take the flack off the hard done by collectors, being a gamer I want to play. πŸ˜€

well I have a official virtual boy mario demo but will probably never realease it

akumie wrote:
well I have a official virtual boy mario demo but will probably never realease it

Heh, now you can expect a few “release da ROM mate, com’on my friend.”… πŸ˜›

I would like to point out that if the wish of a donator is to not have it released to the wild but to let a few gamers play then I would honor that promise and I hope others would too, no written contracts needed, but with things that have happened in the past i fully understand any reluctance to dish out ROM copies.

Yeah akumi you have opened yourself to that kind of pleading, I do have a question, is it a full game demo or few levels. Any chance of a movie?

So I assume the person who voted ‘no’ is the one who owns a copy πŸ˜›

When that Bound High went up for sale I was quite surprised by the amount of people who said “oh yeah I know about this dump” so it wouldn’t surprise me if there is a Dragon Hopper (and some other goodies) floating about too.

If a lot of money was spent aquiring them I can understand the reluctance to just give the rom away but It’d be good if we could get a small sample of any unreleased items, like we’ve had with the videos of Bound High or the screenshots of Faceball.

Wasn’t the rom of Mike Tyson’s Intergalactic Power Punch released after recieving donations? Could this work for VB stuff, or do you think it’d be open for abuse?


akumie schrieb:
well I have a official virtual boy mario demo but will probably never realease it

Cool! I recently acquired a beta copy of Virtual Boy Barbie in Chocolate-coated marshmallow treats Land from a former employee of Activision. Would you be Interested in a trade? 😎

there is NO way that is a game. a porn, maybe, but definitely not a game.

I doubt it is out there but I guess anything is possible, I think we need another release soon of an unreleased game or demo

There was never a demo of Virtual Boy Barbi ^^

There may be. There may not be.

I’m not clinging on to the hope that there’s a copy in private hands, though. My plan for getting a chance to play this game lies in getting employed by Nintendo themselves and then gaining access to whatever vault/archive may house this game. They’re the only ones who I can be reasonably sure even have a copy of this game left over.

Besides, if a copy did show up in private hands, I doubt that the owner will part with it easily, if at all-assuming said owner even wants to draw attention to the fact that they own an extremely rare unreleased game like this and put up with people begging to get their hands on it.

Or breaking into their house in the middle of the night with an EPROM reader and dumping it :-P.


hell, if i was going to break in i would just take the cart. no need for a reader.

Heh, yeah… I know, I was joking πŸ˜‰ .


What’s sad is that a lot of old games, source, carts and all sorts of stuff doesn’t get looked after.
What is incredibly valuable to us is usually junk to larger corporations.

NOJ/NCL are better at looking after old code and builds than Capcom were for example.

Spoken mainly from desire and jealousy, but why would people keep this from the masses? Selfishness? Evil? =(

whoever has it is going to hold out on it far longer than anyone will desire the game. lets hope nintendo just releases it in some weird 3DS DLC release or something.

Well of course I believe someone has a copy of DH.

Given the nature of it I wouldn’t be surprised if the owner were already among.

No, I am not the owner πŸ˜‰

Would I pay for it? Yes I would. How much? well… we could discuss, I am sure I wouldn’t be the only one willing to spend on it.

This and Zero racers would be soo cool play.

As well as Fzero X + Expansion Kit 3D! no, it is not being made, I wish it were though.

Still no one who needs Mario demo?
I dont talk much about it because I dont like 100 messages about it

starting price is 100 euro

If you let us know exactly what it is, then I can make you a serious offer. That means an image ideally to back it up.

What I would suggest is best, is if you rally a fund together to replace the money you paid for the cart – then have it dumped. The physical example will still hold value and the community can take a look at the code too that way.

Would that kind of thing go down well with you? If I was able to buy it, it’s the first route I’d take anyway.


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