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When Blox 2 is finished, will it be released onto cart? Apparently the first one was, according to VirtualBoyFreak’s avatar. I missed the first one by a long while, so how was that release done? I’d really like a homebrew game for the VB, but don’t really want to pay around $100 for a FlashBoy cart.

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I’d like to do a small scale release of a few blox 2 carts, yes. Maybe like 25.

Blox was not released on cart, though. VirtualBoyFreak’s was homemade. I think it’s awesome. If you want to build your own, maybe he will share the files.

No problem at all sharing the Blox art to make the box, instruction manual and cart labels for you to make it. I used a Vertical Force (Jap) box, since it’s mainly black and goes perfectly with the images I made. You will have to find someone who makes the cart for you though, since I don’t have the knowledge to make them myself. Enjoy!

an actual cart would be cool.

Well, there is at least one Blox cart in existence. In fact it’s the one you can see in my avatar. I got a friend to make it for me as a personal favour. It plays exactly the same as the ROM when loaded onto the Flashboy, so just consider it as another game in my collection. I prefer actual tangible carts than ROMs in my collection.


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