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The SNES games that used the SuperFX Chip? I know there was a Starwing tech demo lurking around somewhere, but could it handle a full game? Red alarm is obviously vector-based, which made me think the VB couldn’t handle polygons. What do you guys think? 🙂

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Yeah, I’m sure it can do polygons… it’d need a very efficient 3D engine, but like you said, there’s the demo, and since the video is double-buffered, it could definately do it, but the frame rate may be slow.

DanB actually ported the GBA Yeti 3D engine… it’s REALLY slow, but with a lot of optimization and rewriting some of it in ASM, it might actually be usable.


Yeah, I’ve wondered if VB could handle polygons as well. I think the SNES Starfox would be great if it could be ported to the VB.

Actually, I saw the news about the Yeti port a while ago. As for the 3d effects on that, could you just have each screen display a slightly different camera angle? Such as have the right eye be a right camera, and the left eye be a left camera?

I’ve never looked at how the Yeti engine works… I guess I was thinking it already displayed in real 3D, but it could be just a 2D port at the moment… it’s been a long time since I’ve seen it.


A 3D port of Starfox would be amazing 🙂 I know it’d be a very hard thing to do though. I’d love to see Doom on the VB as well. I can imagine it being an immersive and scary experience on the VB when playing it in the dark at like 4am :p

I’m sure it could but how big of a ROM can it load?


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