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What games would you recommend for virtual boy?

I think I am getting…

* Mario Clash
* Mario’s Tennis
* Red Alarm
* Virtual Boy Wario Land
* Vertical Force

I think I won’t be getting…

* Inmouse No Yakata
* SD Gundam Dimension War
* Space Invaders
* Space Squash
* Teleroboxer
* V Tetris
* 3D Tetris
* Virtual Fishing
* Virtual Lab
* Water World

*Galactic Pinball

Any games you think I should add or change on either list?

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get galactic pinball as well. and get v-tetris, it’s very cheap and fun!

V-Tetris is only out for Japan though. Would that mess me up?

Shouldn’t I get 3D-Tetris instead?

v-tetris is completely in english, so you won’t have problems playing it. and it will work in a us vb.
3-d tetris is a different game and more expensive, personally i like v-tetris better.

In the game section it said Japan though. Thanks for the information.

but get space squash to…you can get it for 35-45 dollars on ebay….its fun to play.I get my space squash for 45 euros incl. shipping from Japan (new and with Box)

How long of a game is Space Squash? Is there any other modes besides story?

I’m not sure how long Space Squash is, but I’m pretty sure it’s fairly long and all story mode. But it IS a fun game so I’d say you should get it.

Oh yeah, DEFINITELY get Teleroboxer. That’s probably one of my favorite games. It rocks!

I took your advice and bought Teleroboxer with my Virtual Boy.
I bought Vertical Force, Red Alarm, Mario’s Tennis and Galactic Pinball.
Oh, and I also got Virtual League Baseball. ($2.)
I’m also trying to buy Wario Land and Mario Clash.
Space Squash is about $60 and I’m not sure if I’ll like it.

Wario Land is a must have. Mario Clash is okay… I still don’t have that one yet….

(If you’re unsure as to whether you want a game or not, you could always try them out in an emulator, although it’s not quite the same… 😉 )

I downloaded two Emulators.

Something called Red Dragon and VirtualE.

How do I try the games on these?

Well… download some VB roms (3 more posts and you can get them on this page in the games section) and load them. 😛
And forget about Virtual-E, you should use Red Dragon or Reality Boy.

I deleted Virtual-E and kept my Red Dragon.

My Virtual Boy and 5 games just came in the mail. I’m going to pick it up now.


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