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I have had this tendency to get into things easily (ex:virtual boy) and drop them for something else im interested in at the time equally as easily. Ive done this since i was young and had these massive collections of games i just never played.

this “disorder” came to its worst when i sold my original VB collection from my lack of interest in it anymore..i even felt the feelings coming back recently as well. for the past few days, i have been falling into Saturn emulators and such, pushing my vb interest to the side unwillingly. its like i cant control it…do i have a problem ? 😐

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I sort of have the same thing. I don’t really play VB every day, but when I am into it, its like ALL I do heh. As for Saturn emulation, I have my own Saturn with Nights, Christmas Nights and Shinobi X πŸ˜€ It would be nice to play Panzer Dragon though…

which panzer dragoon ? the only one i havnt owned is saga, yet the other 2 are good.

Im glad im not alone on this btw lol

why would that be a problem? you have several intresst in life, thats pretty common… it’s the ppl whos really hardcore here with only 1 intresst in life that has a problem xD i’m not only intressted in vb myself, i collect most retro stuff from nintendo (and yes i admit, i do have some other retro consoles aswell)

This is an interesting question… I think you’re interests shifting over time is perfectly normal; what you seem to be expressing is “regret” over selling your systems and then having to re-buy them. I think it’s important that anyone who is passionate about anything realize that they can “burn out” on their fascination from time to time, and they should take a break and come back to it after a some time away. For instance, Guitarists know that obsessive practice can result in “plateaus” or periods when you feel stale and like you’re not making any progress technically or artistically. It’s generally thought that the best thing you can do when you hit one of these invisible walls is just stop playing guitar for a few weeks and go do something else! In the case of video game collections, I imagine that the secret is not to sell everything in the mean time!! πŸ™‚

I have a wife and a house full of teenage kids. I love video games, but I’m a part-time musician, too. I have four cats I enjoy, I raise tropical fish, I have a house and a yard to care for, and I really enjoy my job. I collect handheld/portable video game systems (yes, the Virtual Boy counts), as well as Classic Horror and Sci-Fi DVDs, that I enjoy on our home theater. Needless to say, due to time restrictions, I have to parcel out what little spare time I have to my hobbies bit by bit. Sometimes this can be a little frustrating but it can also be an advantage, because I don’t really have much opportunity to “overdose” on any one thing. That keeps my interest fresh…

Someone once said, “Everything in moderation. Even moderation.” It can be fun to obsess about a particular thing until you know all there is to know about it, but balance is important too! I’ve found that balancing many interests is ultimately more satisfying than grinding a single obsession to dust and starting on another…

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