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I have the game but I’m going to have to sell it because of money problems. I bought it around a year ago but can’t remember how much I paid for it. What’s a reasonable price? It’s near-mint condition (there’s a bit of wear on the bottom of the box) and has instructions and the little bit of plastic the cart comes in.

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Because it’s an uncommon game, the price usually doesn’t go below $25. On eBay, I usually see it sell anywhere between $30 to $70. Usually, the cheapest ones are that inexpensive because something is missing (the box and/or the manual). With everything included, it usually fetches prices up into the $60s through $70s.

Yeah, unfortunately that’s one of the games I WANT, but since I’m a bargain gamer, I can’t bring myself to pay $15 for a cart, even for a Virtual Boy cart. Same thing goes for 3-D Tetris…

Cool, that’s good to know 🙂 I guess I’ll put it on ebay tomorrow then. It took me ages to find this game as well 🙁 *sigh* Oh well, at least I still have space squash and 3D Tetris 😀


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