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I’m about to buy a vb but then i just relized would it work and fit on my eyes well since I have glasses?

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I don’t think it will make much difference. I wear contacts but I’ve played it with my glasses on before and didn’t have any problems. Plus if your near sited as I am then just take them off 🙂

it would be fine, the black eye shade on the virtual boy where you look into is soft and bendable and you would be able to look at the screens just as well without wearing glasses.

and if somehow it didnt fit or wasnt comfortable for you, you can always de-attatch the eye shade that you look into, then just go in a room where their isnt much light and just turn it on and it would work just as good

either way their shouldnt be a problem.

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I confirm there’s no problem with playing with glasses. 😎

I wear eyeglasses. The VB has a large ‘goggle area’ and is fine to use for people with glasses.


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