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Hi , i am a VB big fan since 1998! and since long time i follow your web to read all news about my favorite console !

The past week i find this web site ( japangamestock.com/ ) whit many good stuff for the virtual boy , and i make my order .. and this was cancelled twice without any reason.

I contacted whit the page support to now what happened and his answer was , call me as#$%^ole and more without any reason :

Wow great service, saying asshole to your customers

Put in up your ass deeply. We pirated this japanese company and stole
your credit card info. thank you cunt

JGS st
Japanese Retrogaming Videog

Oh you´re very good if you can stole the credit card data through paypal so I don´t believe you, tell me what´s my card number?

Check your account man. we will suck it all without you knowing

anonymous proxy … stupid columbian piece of shit

Then .. please be warned to buy in this web site..

Edit.. looking in the net.. i also find this .. is not comparable to mi situation .. but something coming wrong since this date.. :


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I’ve shopped there twice (not for VB stuff, Famicom), and it’s worked great… Maybe you were just targeted by hackers or something?

Yes i was read about the good reputation of this site…because this i decide to make my buy from they… but for me this is illogical , because i have all this insults from they official email address… i really don’t think this is a hacker attack.. for mi is pure racism .. nothing more nothing less.

The good think is , i find the same items in ebay whit better price.. and important.. without any awful and racism comments.


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